Classic Chocolate Tasting

This chocolate tasting experience is designed for in-home fun and education.

You will participate in the sensory evaluation of standard milk chocolate and premium milk chocolate, standard bittersweet chocolate and premium bittersweet chocolate, European and U.S. chocolates.

Have you ever tried two different milk chocolates or two different dark chocolates at one time?  You may be surprised how different one chocolate bar can taste from another.  Here you will have a chance to taste 6 different chocolate bars as Bryn guides you through the flavor attributes of each one.

When this tasting is done you ought to know the difference between standard and premium chocolate as well as differences between U.S. and European chocolate.  Then the next time you go to the grocery store, you’ll know what to look for before you buy.

The Classic Chocolate Tasting is great for small intimate gatherings as well as large events.  Bryn recently entertained a group of 80+ at a church celebrating the success of a special ministry.  This event included all of the chocolates of the classic chocolate tasting plus a presentation on the nutritional value of chocolate.

Whatever your group is doing, chocolate makes it better.  Increase your enjoyment of chocolate forever by experiencing this enlightening chocolate tasting adventure.

Price: $100 plus $15 per person – $250 minimum

To check availability and actual pricing for your event, just contact us.

Want to get a taste of what you can expect?  Here’s Bryn giving a 2-minute chocolate tasting to a newspaper reporter for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal…

Of course the chocolate tasting for your group will be much longer and more comprehensive than this!  But just like she says, as you take more time to taste and compare chocolates, you will enhance your tasting experience!

Thank you! All my friends and relatives agreed that your “Classic Chocolate Tasting” presentation was the best time they ever had at a gathering. You have so much passion about chocolate! It meant so much to me that you were able to help make our wedding weekend extra special.

– Ashley from Chicago, Illinois


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