About Us

Learn more about tasting chocolate with a personally guided chocolate tasting from Bryn Kirk.

Bryn is a veteran of the chocolate industry.  She worked for nearly 10 years in a research and product development capacity for Ambrosia Chocolate Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as part of both Grace Cocoa and ADM.

She produced chocolate formulas for such companies as Pillsbury, Nabisco, Good Humor, ConAgra, Edy’s, Mrs. Fields, and Quaker Oats, and others.

She was trained as a taster on Ambrosia’s taste test panel.  Later she moved up to running the taste test panels for the new products developed in the laboratory.

Bryn loves to teach about chocolate so that’s what this website is about.  Here you will find information about her chocolate tasting educational seminars and, her personal favorite, chocolate and wine tasting seminars.  These can be fun parties for personal enjoyment in your home or bolder corporate events for employees or clients.

For those who want to learn about chocolate without leaving their computer, Bryn has developed all of the lessons for Chocolate University Online.  There is a chocolate lover’s class and a class for chocolate professionals.  She also provides chocolate coaching for members of the Primal Chocolate Club.

From time to time Bryn serves as an adjunct biology laboratory instructor at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Prices shown on this site are for chocolate tasting events in the Waukesha-Milwaukee area.  Contact us for pricing in other areas.

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